Let's have an aperitivo!


Aperitivo is one of the most common habits among Italian people and it represents an important part of Italian culture. It consists in drinking and eating something just before lunch or most commonly before dinner. After a long working day an aperitivo is always a good idea to lift your mood, in particular a Spritz

The Spritz is an Italian cocktail which is the symbol of the Italian Aperitivo. The ingredients you will need to make it are: Aperol or Campari, Prosecco wine, Soda, a slice of orange and ice cubes. Many Italians prefer it with the addition of Aperol while others with Campari. The choice depends on the taste the person prefers: Aperol has a sweet flavour whereas Campari has a strong and bitter taste. 

The ‘recipe’ of the Spritz is very easy and you can prepare it by yourself. We will give you some tips to set up an Italian Aperitivo at home in UASHMAMA style


A table holds a bottle of Campari, a wine cooler with Prosecco and an orange paper bag with breadsticks. Fruit and glasses are also shown.
A green washable paper placemat and white wine bag are on a table with some bar snacks and bottles of Aperol.


Place on your table our LaPaper Placemat with its coaster. Resistant to heat and stains, these placemats are easy to clean and perfect to place your cocktails. 

A glass of aperol sits on a green washable paper placemat. A washable paper coaster holds another glass and a folded linen napkin lies next to it.
A view of some aperol in a glass and bottle, on a green washable paper placemat. In the background is a washable paper wine bag.


For sure, you can’t imagine an Aperitivo in UASHMAMA style without our Wine Bag, a practical and elegant wine holder. You can also add to the Wine Bag our Cooler. This glacette will keep your beverage fresh. 

A washable paper white wine bag contains a bottle of Prosecco. In front are two small bottles of aperol.
A wine cooler contains a bottle of Prosecco. In the foreground are two wine glasses and a small bowl of crisps.


When we arrange an Aperitivo we have to prepare something to eat too. The perfect solution is our Paper Bag, a practical way to keep grissini, taralli, pizzette or peanuts.

An orange washable paper bag contains breadsticks. It sits in front of a bottle of Campari and a glass vase containing fruit.
A glass of Campari is shown with a small orange washable paper bag containing breadsticks.

Arrange your homemade Aperitivo with UASHMAMA and let your guests really be stunned!

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