Sustainable product development at Uashmama: Meet our innovative new material

Twenty years ago, Marco Marconi created the Uashmama brand you see before you to combine his wealth of experience in handcrafting footwear with innovative methods to reduce environmental impact.

Based in Tuscany, our Italian family business follows 3 main principles: innovation, functionality, and sustainability.

From concept to finished product, our attention to detail is rooted in generations of Italian craftsmanship with a modern sensibility for style and eco-consciousness.

We’re so excited to tell you a little more about our passion for sustainability, our processes, and to introduce our brand new product to you.


Sustainability at Uashmama

We’re starting this blog post with sustainability, as it’s of such great importance and one of our core values. The beautiful world we live in and all the people in it are so precious, anything that we can do as a business to preserve that is integral.

Every step of the Uashmama manufacturing and production process is always thoughtfully managed and considered, and we’re continually striving to reduce our environmental impact at every stage.

Here are just a few of the ways we do this:

  • We certify our raw material processes, implement water-saving methods, and do not use chrome for tanning, instead only using tannins from chestnut trees. 
  • We use organic cotton for our bag lining, which is woven locally in Tuscany with certified organic fibres.
  • The straps we use (like the shoulder straps of backpacks) are made of recycled cotton - 85% of which is derived from used T-shirts.
  • Wherever possible, we take careful considerations to reduce waste. For example, we reinforce our bags, sacks and backpacks with scraps of AGGO paper and organic cotton.
  • We’re proud to be Italian. We keep our manufacturing and production local, employing local craftsmen and artisans from the surrounding Tuscan area.


Uashmama founder Marco Marconi in the factory


Our eco-friendly signature AGGO paper

Marco’s creative vision led us to develop our signature material - an ethical, washable paper, which feels and folds like textile fabric.

At its inception all those years ago, Marco used his washable paper material to craft a simple bread bag for the dinner table. Seeing his creation come to life gave him so many more ideas of how this paper could be used.

Marco began learning how to make a stronger paper material that could have many functional uses while using a natural and sustainable production cycle. And with a lot of trial, error and perseverance, the paper material you see today was born: we named it AGGO, which is an acronym of the initials of Marco and his wife Emanuela’s grandchildren.

To make the Uashmama AGGO material, we source raw materials from trees that are cut in a sustainable manner. Those raw materials are then treated via our unique process.

We can’t let you in on all of our paper-making secrets, but we can say that our special, innovative treatment uses less water than in the making of many conventional textile fabrics, and fewer chemicals too.

Instead of harsh chemicals that damage the environment, we use a biodegradable wax to make the paper durable.

Once the paper material has been processed we add the final touches, such as beautiful dyes. Italian craftsmen then cut, sew, and assemble our gorgeous Uashmama products.

AGGO paper has the benefit of being extremely hard-wearing, yet pliable enough for crafting into many different forms. It holds true to the core value of all our products: strong, durable, and long-lasting.

That quality is so important to us. We take such pride in creating our own paper material, and we carefully monitor everything from start to finish. This allows us to ensure the high calibre of each and every product, including our brand-new ones.


Meet our new sustainable Glossy Paper

To celebrate 20 years of Uashmama and our unique paper bags, we created a brand new polished look for our incredible and innovative AGGO material - Glossy Paper.

Spring/Summer is the perfect time to launch this beautiful new finish, as our wardrobes and homes change to suit the seasons and we lean more towards the vibrant, light and bright.

To craft our gorgeous Glossy Paper, we simply apply an extra special shiny finish on our signature washable paper, to give its truly distinctive sheen and lustrous texture.


Glossy Paper Bag on dining table with pizza and wine


We’ve created the new Glossy Paper in lots of different colours to suit you and your home, adding a touch of elegance and fun to every day. It makes a stunning storage solution you won’t want (or need) to hide away.

A new element has been brought to our timeless designs; some of the Uashmama signature products are now available in this brand new ultra-shiny eco-friendly material, including your favourite totes and crossbody bags, as well as our classic Paper Bag.

Not only is it incredibly pleasing to the eye, as with all of our products, Glossy Paper is of course versatile, durable and extremely easy to maintain.

It’s water-resistant, and washable too. To clean, simply apply a mild soap to your product using a microfibre cloth. After 5 minutes, buff the entire surface area with a dry part of the cloth. This will also help to restore the shine.


Our new Glossy Paper is a much-celebrated new material for Uashmama on our 20-year anniversary, and we hope that you’re just as excited about it as we are.

You can see more in the new Uashmama Glossy Paper collection, and keep your eyes peeled for our new range of linen tableware, coming soon.

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