Top 10 uses for your paper bags

One of the most common questions we receive on a daily basis is…

What are the paper bags used for?”

Our washable Paper Bags are available in 9 different sizes and in a large variety of colours. They are the sustainable solution to organize your kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, the kids’ room or the office. With a little imagination, Paper Bags can truly be used for whatever you want! UASHMAMA® is here to show you 10 top uses for our versatile, functional and washable Paper Bags!

A brown washable paper bag containing an aloe plant sits on a wooden dresser.


Our Paper Bags make the perfect planter for potted plants of all sizes. Choose the perfect size for your plant: the piccolo works perfectly for succulents and the larger sizes will accommodate indoor trees. Choose the Large size as a nice pot for aromatic plants. 


The size Small, Medium & Large are perfect to use as a bread, pastry or fruit basket on the kitchen table to easily pass around. Choose the size and colour right for you!

A pale grey washable paper bag filled with croissants sits on an outdoor wooden chair.


    Use UASHMAMA® Paper Bags to store and roll extra washcloths and hand towels. A practical solution to tidy and organize your bathroom. Your guests are sure to be impressed!

    A wooden cabinet shows a white washable paper bag on a shelf filled with bathroom items. Other shelves show paper toiletry bags and towels.


      Tidy your living room with our washable Paper Bags! The larger sizes are great to hold all of your throw blankets for easy access. UASHMAMA® adds a unique and classic design element to your room.

      Two extra large paper bags contain one plant and another a blanket. A fireplace and footstool are shown at the sides.


        Tired of the mess on your desk? UASHMAMA® is here to help you! Use our Paper Bags to keep your pencils, pens, highlighters and other stationery items.

        Three washable paper bags are shown: one empty, one storing a plant and one storing pencils.

          6. TOILETRIES

          Why not store your toiletries inside our washable Paper Bags?  

          The perfect solution to keep your soaps, lotions and hair products on the counter or your dresser. 

           A sage green washable paper bag is shown containing thee bottles of hand soap. Two bottles sit next to the paper bag on a wooden table.


            Tidy your home with UASHMAMA®’ s help! Our practical and easy washable Paper Bags will help you to organize and store kids or pets’ toys. Lightweight and easy for little ones to carry around, our paper bags are perfect to corral all those small figures and blocks!

            A tan washable paper bag holds two children's books. On the shelf behind is a Tuscan children's book. Red triangle bunting hangs above on the wall behind.

              8. CRAFT SUPPLIES

              Our medium and large paper bags are perfect storage for your knitting, crocheting or sewing supplies. Store smaller items such as threads, pins and scissors in our pencil slim for a coordinated set. 

              9. A PERFECT LAUNDRY BAG

              Use that larger sized Paper Bag you bought for a different use as a laundry solution. An excellent alternative to our amazing Laundry Bags. Keep your house tidied up thanks to UASHMAMA®!  

              A woman stands next to a waist-height tan washable paper bag. Clothes are hanging out of the paper bag.

                10. A BRILLIANT RECYCLING BIN

                Collecting recycling items has never been so easy with Paper Bags branded UASHMAMA®! Our Paper Bags are the perfect solution to help you to sort waste.

                Don’t forget they are hand washable! 

                Brighten up your home with these fun and practical Paper Bags - which one is your favourite? 

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