Visit Lucca

Known for its sixteenth century walls, Lucca is a gem in the region of Tuscany. The town is so charming and picturesque thanks to its churches, squares and alleys. Unlike a lot of Tuscan towns, Lucca is flat and mostly on a level surface. Bikes are widely available to rent and parking is available around the city walls. 


Guinigi Tower is the most important tower in town. To reach the top of the tower you have to climb 230 steps but we assure you that all your efforts will be rewarded with a breathtaking view. On the top you will find a little garden with some holm oak trees planted.  


When someone talks about Lucca, Italians immediately think of its Mura, the walls. The city walls, 4 kilometres long, make Lucca unique. On the city walls a wonderful urban park is developed, here you can have a walk, do exercise or ride a bike. It is possible to rent bicycles too thanks to the many rental points. 


A walled city with green grass and autumnal trees on top of the wall.


An oval piazza in Italy with yellow buildings and a blue sky.


Anfiteatro Square was built on the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre. This square is one of the symbols of the town and here you can find UASHMAMA home! Visit our shop in this beautiful and historical location, the 'sisters' will welcome you. 



The buccellato is a typical cake made in Lucca, usually accompanied by wine or vinsanto, a liqueur wine. It has the shape of a loaf and we can compare it to a ‘sweet bread’ with anise and raisin. There is a popular motto that says “Chi viene a Lucca e ‘un mangia il buccellato è come se ‘un ci fosse stato, it means that if people come to Lucca and don’t eat buccellato it’s like they didn’t visit the town. 

A loaf of bread studded with raisins and dried fruit.


Don’t waste time! Come to Italy and spend some days in Lucca, UASHMAMA will be happy to welcome you to its shop in Anfiteatro Square


Le Sorelle store in Lucca is shown with green awnings and some plants.

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