7 delightful ways to upgrade your Easter dining table

Uashmama is a family business based in Tuscany selling beautiful handmade pieces to wear and for the home. As a business with family values at the core, we strongly believe in gathering with loved ones to enjoy a springtime feast, especially at Easter.

Easter on Tuscan tables is celebrated with roast lamb and traditional sweets such as Quaresimali biscuits, and colomba, which is an Italian Easter bread similar to panettone, modelled in the shape of a dove with open wings.

There’s also a soft and sweet bread roll with sultanas and rosemary called pan di ramerino - an Italian equivalent of hot cross buns, perhaps - and of course, chocolate eggs with surprises for the children.

Whether you’re cooking up a Tuscan feast, a traditional British spring lamb roast dinner, or an Easter brunch of hot cross bun French toast, here are some ways to spruce up your Easter dining table.


1. Choose a dining colour palette

For a beautiful and cohesive Easter dining table, the first thing to do is choose a colour scheme. You could base this off dining accessories you already have, the colours in your dining room, or the colours of spring.

Pastel colours are synonymous with Easter, but you could go bold and colourful if that’s more your vibe, or understated and elegant for a grown-up Easter dinner party - whatever you fancy.

Picking a colour palette is our favourite part of planning a big gathering, it's the small details like how cohesive a table looks that can wow our guests, and we like to think the small details are extra ways to show our loved ones just how loved they are.


2. Start with a sustainable linen tablecloth

The quickest and easiest way to elevate your Easter dining table is to use a good quality tablecloth, whether it’s in a neutral tone, or a bolder shade from the colour scheme you’ve chosen.

The Sanee Tablecloth from Nkuku is a lovely neutral hue to start building your tablescape upon, and I think you could use any colours when you begin with a base like this.

Or go bold with this amazing green organic linen tablecloth from Nami Home, which really does highlight how lush and green the scenery becomes at Easter.




3. Use spring blooms for a Spring-fresh dining table

Flowers really brighten up a table, bringing lots of wonderful movement, colour and life, and of course it’s always lovely to welcome in the new season into your home.

Using flowers that are in season is both the purse-friendly choice and the more sustainable choice too, especially if they’re grown locally. So much flora is coming into bloom in the springtime, you won’t have to limit yourself on choice or colour.

Amongst others, there are of course the gorgeously sunny yellow hues of daffodils, the playful, colourful array of tulips, and rich-toned ranunculus, which are so beautiful they almost look unreal.

There’s also the option to use a budding pussy willow branch, cherry blossom, or even a branch of magnolia, if you are lucky enough to have any growing in your garden.

The added bonus of using a branch is that you can decorate with paper Easter decorations, for extra frivolity.


4. Playful placemats make for practical dining

Perhaps you usually overlook placemats when it comes to laying your dining table, but we think they are a wonderful addition. Not only do they clearly mark each setting and protect your tablecloth, but they can be fun too.

Our Uashmama La Paper Oval Placemats come in pretty much any colour you could want, and because they’re oval-shaped, they remind us a little of Easter eggs!

If you have children at your family gathering, you could add a little extra playfulness by adding something for them to do on their placemat - a game, clues to find Easter eggs, or Easter-themed colouring.


5. Get creative with napkins

Napkins are an essential part of any dining experience, and there are so many creative Easter napkin styling ideas on Pinterest - we love the idea of making them look like an Easter Bunny.

There’s a more complicated origami-inspired method of folding a napkin into rabbit shape, or you can wrap a napkin around an egg (real or chocolate) and tie at the top - that way you get two Easter-related items in one.

If you’re after a more classy, elegant napkin arrangement, we love the look of a single tulip stem placed on top, with a contrasting ribbon to tie it all together.

These handmade gingham linen napkins would be a lovely addition to any Easter dining table.


6. Extra special crockery & colourful glassware

You don’t necessarily need to invest in a whole new set of plates or glasses to create a beautiful Easter dining table - we think that just a few unique pieces are all you need to elevate your everyday plain tableware.

Why not opt for coloured glasses to jazz up your Easter table? These blue hammered tumblers and green wine glasses from Nkuku are both fun and elegant at the same time, and would go perfectly with these recycled glass plates from Quinn Says.

This hand-glazed salad bowl by Pottery & Poetry creates a beautiful pop of sky blue, or you could consider renting a few special plates for your Easter celebration - like this adorable swirl edge plate from Maison Margaux.

You can also pick up some really beautiful crockery and glassware in charity shops and vintage shops - it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled all year round for special pieces that bring you joy.



7. Durable, eco-friendly serveware

Finally, some innovative food and drink containers made from sustainable and durable paper - yes, that’s our hero material here at Uashmama. You can read all about how it’s created and the other materials we use on our about page.

Imagine our Panino Storage Tray filled to the brim with tiny, colourful Easter eggs, or the Lollie Tray with warm hot cross buns or pan di ramerino. Our signature Paper Bags can be used for bread, baked goods and fruit too.

To keep your bottle cool, whether it’s wine or something softer, the Ice-Cube Beverage Chiller does the job.


Hopefully those ideas have got your brain ticking with lots of wonderful ideas for your Easter dining table. If you’re after drinks ideas, how about a delicious Italian aperitivo?

All of us at Uashmama wish you a happy Easter, filled with love and plenty of good food!

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